5 Tips for Selecting your Wedding Theme


1. Tis the Season!

The season your wedding is in will be the first hint at the direction you should take your décor planning.  Some things to think about: What flowers do you want and when are they in season?  If your heart is set on peonies, a late spring wedding is your best bet (unless you want to spend hundreds more to have them shipped).  What is your budget? If you are looking to stretch your resources, consider a winter wedding, often times venues offer less expensive rates in their off season.  Whenever your big day is, make sure to embrace the season you are in!


2.  Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

A color palette can be the one thing that ties all of your details together and help to guide your decision making process.  What is your favorite color? Do you lean towards blues and greens? Or love warm purples and reds? Pick one main color and then two to three accent colors.  Typically these colors are different tones of your main hue, or a neutral that compliments it.  If your tones are on the cooler spectrum, make sure your neutrals and accents are as well. This will help to tell a complete color story.  Still not sure what colors to use?  Open your closet, literally.  Look at the colors you wear every day or take a cue from the way you decorate your home.  You will be surprised to see the commonality in colors.


3.  Party of Five  

The number of guests you want to have will depict the way your day goes.  Knowing the number of attendees will help you determine your location and the flow of your day.  If you plan for 50 guests, a small family style dinner at a quaint restaurant may set the scene.  Planning for a party of 200? A large barn or warehouse may be better suited for you.  Once you have the guest list nailed down, you can then begin to see the bigger picture.


4.  Dig Deep

Take a moment to sit down with your fiancé and think about the things that make you special.  Did you meet at the Farmer’s Market? Plan a “Market Style” day focus on fresh food and natural elements.  Do you love to cook? Create a guest book out of recipe cards.  Do you love to spend time outdoors? Use a vintage fishing basket as a card holder.  Write down words that define you, memories you have, and things you like to do together, your story will soon begin to unfold.

Image5.  Stay Classy

It is easy to follow the trends or get carried away with a theme.  Just remember, you will have these photos forever.  The last thing you want is to look back and see your bridesmaids in sailor costumes, fish netting on tables, or anchors stamped on every last inch of the space.  If you love the nautical trend, make sure to approach it in a subtle way.  Look for a venue near the beach, add a touch of navy and white here and there and keep the anchors at a minimum.  Sometimes less is more; by giving a nod to the theme you will create a cohesive feeling, but not feel like it is your “Under the Sea” prom night again.



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