Honeymoon Planning Tips

Honeymoon Tips | www.olivedesignhouse.com
Success! All the planning and prepping has come to an end. The day was beautiful, just how you pictured it. Now is the time to wind down, catch your breath, and spend some much needed time with your sweetie. Planning a trip may not have been something you gave 100% of your attention to, juggling the hundreds of other wedding oriented items probably took precedence.

Your honeymoon should not be forgotten, and should in fact be the best trip of your life! Here are some simple things to help make sure you enjoy every moment.

Create a Budget
After spending loads of money on your wedding, it is understandable to be a little strapped for cash for your honeymoon. Honeyfund is a great tool to use in lieu of a traditional bridal registry. Guests can help make your vacation memorable by purchasing an excursion, toasting a few drinks for you, or buying a romantic dinner for two.

ParaSailing, Maui |www.olivedesignhouse.com

Paragliding in Hawaii

Find the Perfect Abode
How many times have you been to a hotel and discovered it is nothing like you were expecting…in a bad way. Oyster.com was created to give you an insider’s view to hotels without all of the fancy PhotoShop cropping. Knowing that your hotel room does indeed  have an ocean view, or that you are blocks away from a popular tourist attraction will add reassurance that your vacation will be everything you wanted so that you two lovebirds can finally relax. Looking for more of personal touch? AirBnB gives the option to search for unique places to stay. Stay in an apartment in Paris, a Victorian Home in San Francisco, even a treehouse in Spain! This website also earns brownie points for the neighborhood guides, making it easy to plan your post-nuptial activities.

China Town, LA |www.olivedesignhouse.com

China Town, Los Angeles

Use Your Maiden Name
If you are changing your name after you tie the knot, make sure to wait until after the honeymoon to lock everything in. It can take months to be official on paper, so don’t rush into it. Make sure to purchase your plane tickets under the name that is currently on your driver’s license; it will make for a smoother trip! Don’t worry, just mention the word honeymoon to get that special newlywed treatment!

Paris, Love Locks | www.olivedesignhouse.com

“Love Locks” Paris

Relax and Enjoy!
This is your honeymoon, It’s time to enjoy yourselves! Are you planning an exciting adventure complete with zip lining and kayaking? Or are you wanting to shop at  boutiques and eat in cute cafes? Talk about what you want to do, budget for it, make sure you are both on the same page and pick a destination that supports it! Research locations and book activities or make reservations in advance. Having a plan before you arrive will help you to make the best of your vacation.

Kayaks, Yellowstone www.olivedesignhouse.com

Kayaking in Yellowstone National Park

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