Modern Invitation Etiquette: Ten Rules that we Follow

When it comes to your invitations, modern day etiquette should not be ignored.  It can get confusing with what names to use, who to invite, and when to send everything! Take a look at our quick etiquette guide that we put together to help get you started.

1.  Make things as easy as possible for your guests.   Include all relevant information; Who, What, Where, When, Why.  Create a map or an insert card for special instructions and use legible fonts.

2.  Make sure everything is spelled correctly, INCLUDING the names of your guests.

3.  Only include the names of the guests you are inviting, if children are not invited, don’t include their names on the envelope.

4.  Mail Save the Dates early, especially for out of town guests.  Send out your invitations at 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding.

5.  Include a stamped envelope for your RSVP cards so all your guests have to do is fill it out and pop it in the mail.

6.  Have fun! Not all invitations need to be formal.  However, decide on what you want your wedding to feel like and stick to that theme.  If your wedding is in a barn, use a less formal approach to wording and design.

7.  When addressing your invitations, spell everything out.

8.  Pay attention to who is hosting.  Today, most couples are paying for the wedding themselves, but if that is not the case, make sure to pay respects to those who are contributing.  For examples of how to word your invitations hop over to The Knot

9.  All envelopes should be addressed by hand.  Find a family member that has excellent penmanship to help you out (Tip: give them a gift card for a manicure or spa day for helping out).  Or hire a calligrapher, Etsy is a great place to look for one.

10.  Please, Please, Please, DO NOT send out online invitations.  It’s ok to include a website on the invitation, but do not request the company of your guests in an Evite.

Elegant Navy and Pink Wedding Invitations |

Elegant Navey and Pink Wedding |

Elegant Navy and Pink Wedding Invitations

Modern Arizona Wedding Invitations |

Modern Arizona Wedding Invitations |

all photos via Olive Design House

The Etiquette Queen, Martha Stewart, has the most comprehensive guidelines to help you.  Take a look here.

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