What Exactly is an Event Stylist?


It’s ok, just admit it…. you have been planning your wedding on Pinterest before you were engaged.  I know I did, how can you resist? Cute mason jar DIY’s, flowy, garlands, and romantic crystal chandeliers hanging above those beautiful extra long farm tables; it seems like a dream.  To a lot of brides, this dream can be quite overwhelming especially when your wallet gets involved.  A wedding Stylist can help you to achieve your dream design while staying within your budget and style guidelines.  

So what is it that stylists do?

At Olive Design House, A Stylist is someone that works strictly on aesthetics, making sure that all details have been thought through and are brought together in a visually pleasing way.  A stylist helps to define your vision and bring it to life flawlessly for your big day.  Think of a stylist as your personal Event Interior Designer.

What is the difference between creative direction, design, and styling?

Creative Direction encompasses the entire vision of an event and established guidelines for the overall feel of the event.  With this guidance, a design plan is created.  Design may involve invitations suites, sourcing materials, creating custom items, designing floor plans, etc.  On the day of your event a stylist will implement the design and make sure everything looks pulled together according to your standards.

What is the difference between an event planner and a stylist?

An event planner coordinates the logistics of the event, while a stylist handles the aesthetics; the look and feel of the event. Stylists do coordinate with vendors in the planning process, but are not responsible for coordinating any of the day of activities.

We hope this has helped clear up some of your questions! Are you ready to start planning? contact us today, we will bring your story to life!